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What is the way to keep food fresh?

What is the way to keep food fresh?

When buying ingredients, many people often buy more ingredients because they are cheap or overestimating their eating ability. They are piled up in the refrigerator at the end, and the next time they are going to be cooked, they may have already started. Rotten, what can I do to keep it fresh?

Change this concept before choosing ingredients

Many people often think that the refrigerator is very powerful. As long as you put food in the refrigerator, you don’t have to worry about spoilage and corruption no matter how long it takes. In fact, although low temperature can delay the growth of microorganisms and prolong the function of keeping food fresh, putting food in the refrigerator does not It is not the best way to store food. If you use the refrigerator to store food by mistake, it may cause food poisoning!

The best way is to eat and buy as much as possible. Try to choose the ingredients that you can cook and store better, including seasonings. Don't buy ingredients and seasonings that you may not use up because you are greedy for cheap.

These foods have different preservation methods

1. Meat

It is best not to store the freshly bought fresh meat in the refrigerator for more than 2 days. If you are sure that it will not be used in the next few days, you should store the meat in the stainless steel commercial fridge.


And the meat should be processed immediately when it is freshest, so that it will not cause microbial growth. Therefore, it is recommended that when buying vegetables, you can put the meat on the last item of the list. After you buy it, you should divide it into small packages and store it when you go home.


If it is aquatic food, the part that is expected to be eaten on the day can be stored in the refrigerator, and the rest should be divided and frozen immediately.

2. Processed food

Some people always have canned corn or other iron cans at home, and they will fish out the ingredients when cooking, while others continue to ice them in the refrigerator.


But the correct approach should be to store the remaining materials in the cans separately in a sealed container. It is not because it is often said that the cans will easily deteriorate the food materials, but if the cans rust, harmful substances will be produced and harmed. Physical health.

3. Nuts

Certain nuts with high lipid content will easily deteriorate due to oxidation if they are exposed to air for a long time. Therefore, contact between nuts and air should be avoided as much as possible.

It can be sealed in a zipper bag first, and then stored in the freezer. Also because nuts are very perishable, try not to buy them in large quantities at one time. It is best to buy as many as you need.


4. Leafy vegetables

For leafy vegetables such as spinach and water spinach, just put them in water and wash them, and the leafy vegetables will soon begin to ripen. Therefore, the correct way to deal with it should be to take out the amount to be fried first, and not wash the rest first. , Just keep the original state.

When placing leafy vegetables, you must be careful to avoid laying them flat, because most vegetables grow upward, so laying them flat will quickly wilt the leafy vegetables. At this time, you can wrap the roots of the vegetables with a damp paper towel. , And put the stems down as far as possible into the fruit and vegetable preservation compartment of the refrigerator to effectively extend the preservation time.


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