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What kind of freezer is suitable for small convenience stores?

What kind of freezer is suitable for small convenience stores?

Any convenience store will have a freezer. Whether the convenience store is big or small, the freezer is the most basic equipment. Especially in summer, beer, drinks, ice cream and other products account for the bulk of turnover, so you must choose a freezer. But now there are many brands and styles of freezers, how to choose the right small convenience store freezers? Commercial freezer manufacturers to bring you an introduction.

Air cooling and direct cooling which is more suitable for convenience stores?

Air-cooled refrigerator in recent years by the chain of convenience stores, in actual use, its display and refrigeration effect is relatively better than the straight cold refrigerator. At present, air-cooled refrigerators will become the mainstream products in commercial places, and the application of direct cooling may gradually decrease.

Small convenience stores use what kind of cooler?

This depends on the specific location, if it is outdoor, supermarket cooler manufacturers recommend the use of an integrated machine, which is more convenient and simple to move. If placed indoors, taking into account the relatively small size of the store. If less than 25 square meters, almost with an external machine, so the noise and cooling effect will not be too great. Convenience stores above 25 square meters can choose an all-in-one machine according to their needs and budget. Also in the machine outside. Of course, if sufficient funds, external computer is also a good choice.

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