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What kind of influence does the use environment of the freezer have on the storage of the freezer?

What kind of influence does the use environment of the freezer have on the storage of the freezer?

Different use environments will affect the cooling effect of the freezer. For example, unstable placement will cause vibration, and the lack of ventilation will increase power consumption. Therefore, we must create a good use environment for the freezer.

1. When installing, there should be no gap between the freezer and the floor, and the level should be stable, otherwise the drain pipe will be damaged. If the drain pipe is not good, it will endanger the refrigeration under normal conditions and interfere with the exhaust fan.

2. The area around the freezer should not be close to heat sources, nor should it be exposed to direct sunlight. The natural air flow rate should be kept below 0.2 m/s. The nearby safety passages and air outlets should be normally closed to avoid interfering with the ambient temperature in the refrigerated cabinet and actually interfering with the cooling effect.

3. During the use of the refrigerator, the change of working voltage should be kept within a certain range. If a short circuit occurs, please use a stable power supply with moderate volume and high reliability.

4. The freezer should be used in a good environment, usually the indoor standard temperature is below 25 degrees, and the air humidity is below 60%.

5. The freezer should use a single-phase three-hole socket, which should be wired separately, and placed as close as possible to the power jack. Do not re-energize the power line, let alone change or lengthen the power cord at will. In order to avoid circuit safety accidents.

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