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What Refrigerator You Should Choose for Opening a Restaurant: Stainless Under Counter Fridge

What Refrigerator You Should Choose for Opening a Restaurant: Stainless Under Counter Fridge

At present, stainless under counter fridges in restaurants are very popular. However, there are many kinds and styles of stainless under counter fridge in restaurants. Every restaurant owner needs to consider what kinds of refrigerators they need.

For the restaurant kitchen, the use of traditional refrigerator display cabinet is obviously not enough. This is not to say that the traditional under stage refrigerator is not good-looking, but its function cannot meet the requirements of the kitchen. For example, the temperature of the ordering cabinet and the air curtain cabinet is too high, which cannot guarantee the quality of the frozen food; while the temperature of the freezer is too low, most of the food materials in the kitchen only need simple preservation. So is there a more perfect stainless under counter fridge for kitchen?

Of course, it is the stainless steel refrigerator made by Hangzhou Cloud Ice Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd.

First of all, our stainless steel refrigerator is designed with food grade stainless steel, which is safe, hygienic, easy to clean, beautiful and clean in appearance.

Secondly, the design of multi temperature, multi door and multi box makes it convenient to store different food materials and meet the requirements of refrigeration temperature. The same size of double door refrigerator is very convenient for the classified storage of frozen dumplings, frozen meat and daily vegetables.

Furthermore, the thickened and sealed stainless steel safety door is durable and has good thermal insulation performance. It is not easy to deform and improves the energy efficiency ratio. Such a stainless under counter fridge can save energy and electricity.

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