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What role does the freezer thermostat play?

What role does the freezer thermostat play?

Automatic defrost freezer, defrost when the storage of food temperature impact is small, easy to use temperature adjustment In the freezer with a temperature controller, freezer freezer temperature can not be adjusted separately Freezer and freezer each with a temperature controller, freezer and freezer temperature can be adjusted separately power consumption Power consumption small power consumption, generally larger than the direct cooling type 5-15% price Cheap price more expensive, generally more expensive than the direct cooling type 10-20%.

1, the site selection of freezers, the first is the appearance, the freezer should be beautiful and generous shape. Box body and box door should be straight around, assembly should be solid, box door shall not be skewed, its rotation axis and the gap between the shaft pin with good, with hand push and pull box door, hand induction flexible. Freezer surface coating (spray paint or spray powder) color should be uniform, bright, there should be no pockmarks, rust, bruises or scratches traces. Freezer plating parts should be bright, fine, there should be no plating off and so on. Box door, box body and door flap and other contacts, foam shall not leak out.

The surface of the inner liner and door liner should be flat and smooth. Especially in the excessive rounded corners near, should pay more attention. The size of the shelf should be moderate. Visual inspection of the freezer door seal and box body is flat and tight. Temperature controller knob should turn flexible. Frosting button should be released after the press can quickly spring back to the original position. In addition, you can also check the freezer manual to see whether the freezer accessories are complete.

2, power check the refrigeration performance and electrical performance of the freezer. The freezer temperature controller rotate to "stop" position, connect the power, check the light switch and lighting. When open the door, the lighting should be on, the door close to the full off should be extinguished. Then the temperature controller to the strong cold point position, the compressor of the freezer that began to run, the freezer of the electrical components should work normally. After five minutes, touch the freezer condenser (on both sides of the freezer or back) parts, there should be hot feeling, and the faster the heat the better. Open the freezer door, feel the evaporator with your hand, there should be a cold feeling.

Close the door for about twenty minutes, the condenser part has been very hot, open the door to look at the evaporator, the above should be a thin layer of uniform frost, if the evaporator on the frost is not uniform or a part of the frost, it means that the freezer refrigeration performance is not good; for inter-cooled freezer, after twenty minutes, should open the door with the hand press the fan switch. At this time, the wind mouth at the blowing of cold air. Finally the temperature controller tuned? Stop" position, the compressor should stop working.

3, noise check, when you check the refrigeration performance of the freezer, you can hear the compressor issued a slight running sound, between the cold freezer can hear the fan rotating faint low fan sound, when you touch the freezer box with your hands, can have a slight vibration feeling. Freezer buy back, should pay attention to the correct location of the freezer, generally should be placed to avoid direct sunlight, avoid environmental humidity and away from heat sources. Should be placed in a smooth or solid floor, otherwise it will make vibration and noise enhancement, freezer as far as possible placed in the place of air circulation. And there should be some space around it. Before using the freezer, you should scrub the inner liner of the freezer and other accessories with warm water, dry them and put them into their respective positions according to the instruction manual.

The freezer power plug into the special socket, (freezer use power: single-phase AC 220 +- 10%, frequency 50HZ) freezer box light, close its door, the freezer that start running, to check the normal operation after two hours, and then can be put into the food. In addition, it should be noted that the outside of the freezer and the box can not directly water, so as not to cause leakage and other failures and corrosion of metal parts. Maintenance should be unplugged before the power supply to ensure personal safety, freezers are strictly prohibited to store ether, gasoline, binder and other flammable, explosive, volatile items.

Freezers can not be used in the environment of combustible gases, such as gas or liquefied gas leak found, should first turn off the valve, open doors and windows, so that air circulation. Never unplug the power supply first, so as not to produce electric sparks, causing an explosion. Do not touch the food and containers in the freezer with wet hands to avoid low temperature frostbite.

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