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What should I do if my food stays fresh for too short a time?

What should I do if my food stays fresh for too short a time?

Today's refrigeration methods often fail to balance freshness and preservation, so the question of how to keep food fresh for too short a period of time is often raised, as the lack of freshness will result in a short sales window for fresh food.

Traditional preservation processes are too complex and costly, and some preservation methods are too energy-intensive, such as flash-freezing, which is extremely expensive and requires a lot of liquid nitrogen, while chemical preservation methods require contact with the food, leaving harmful substances in it, which is not very safe. The cost and maintenance of gas preservation is very high, and it is only applicable to the direction of fruit and vegetable preservation, which is not popular.

All kinds of defects lead to the traditional preservation methods can not improve their economic efficiency, and did not solve the traditional preservation and preservation of the contradictory problems, loss of temperature leading to food waste, thawing the taste of food deterioration of these problems sometimes occur.

How can we solve the freshness problem that cannot be solved by traditional preservation technology? This is why we launched BESTTOP commercial cooler.

BESTTOP commercial cooler specializes in providing solutions for food preservation, bringing epoch-making freshness revolution!

BESTTOP commercial cooler uses the most advanced electrostatic wave preservation technology to make the water molecules in the food active for a long time, so that the ingredients stay fresh for a long time, and moreover, it solves the problems that cannot be solved by traditional preservation methods.

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