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What should I do if the commercial fresh-keeping display freezer fogs up?

What should I do if the commercial fresh-keeping display freezer fogs up?

1. Fogging on the glass door of the refrigerator has seriously affected the display of the contents in the cabinet. If such a problem occurs, what should we do? Especially in a place like a supermarket, if the freezer where the items are placed is covered with a layer of fog, then all the items that were originally displayed to the customers in the cabinet will not be able to be seen clearly. The customer needs to open the freezer. Over time, the door is easily damaged and the power consumption of the freezer is increased.

2. If such a situation occurs, we can first take a dry cloth, and then wipe all the foggy areas. This can basically solve the problem in a short time, because the fog on the vertical freezer glass door of the freezer is generally caused by the uneven heating or cold inside and outside. So try your best to keep the same temperature inside and outside. Of course, this is not the best way.

3. In order to avoid such a situation, you can buy air-cooled fresh-keeping cabinets. Air-cooled refrigerators like Oxue can avoid such problems because it can blow out all directions to make the temperature uniform. Avoid fogging.

4. Finally, there is a commercial freezer that can be heated, that is, there is a layer of heating wire on the glass door to ensure the temperature of the glass door, so that it will not fog.

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