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What should I do if the food preservation time is too short?

What should I do if the food preservation time is too short?

Today's refrigeration methods often cannot take into account freshness and preservation. Therefore, the question of how to do if the ingredients are kept fresh for too short is often raised. Insufficient freshness time will result in a short period of time for fresh food sales.

The traditional preservation process is too complicated and costly, and some preservation methods are too energy-intensive. For example, the price of quick-frozen preservation is extremely high and requires a large amount of liquid nitrogen, while chemical preservation methods require contact with food and allow harmful substances to remain in it. Not very safe. The cost and maintenance cost of modified atmosphere preservation is extremely high, and it is only applicable to the direction of preservation of fruits and vegetables, and the application area is not universal.

Various defects have led to traditional fresh-keeping methods that cannot improve their economic benefits, and have not solved the traditional contradictions between fresh-keeping and preservation. Loss of temperature leads to food waste, and food taste deteriorates after thawing. These problems occur from time to time.

How to solve the fresh-keeping problem that cannot be solved by traditional fresh-keeping technology? This is why we launched BESTTOP freezer.

BESTTOP refrigeration technology provides solutions for food preservation, bringing an epoch-making revolution in preservation!

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