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What should I do if the freezer is noisy?

What should I do if the freezer is noisy?

The normal running sound of the freezer is relatively small. If you find that the freezer produces a lot of noise, there are many reasons for it. There are the following inspections and solutions.

1. Adjust the balance of the four feet at the bottom of the freezer. The freezer should be placed on a flat and hard floor. Place the four feet at the bottom on a flat surface to balance them. Many refrigerators have a 4-pin adjustment knob at the bottom, which can be adjusted by fixing the maximum time of noise. If there is no adjustable knob device, you can put cushions under the feet of the refrigerator to balance and minimize the noise.

2. The pipes and cabinets are firmly reinforced. Check whether the connection reinforcement between the external pipeline and the cabinet is loose to avoid resonance when the compressor is working. Therefore, spring washers must be added to ensure that the outer pipeline is firm and the bolts are not loose.

3. Determine whether the compressor is malfunctioning. Pressing the top of the compressor by hand will not reduce the noise. Generally speaking, if the gap between the piston and the cylinder inside the compressor is too large to generate noise, the compressor must be replaced.

4. The compressor base must be firmly fixed. By pressing the compressor tightly with your hand, the noise is greatly reduced, and the noise of raising your hand increases. Generally speaking, the damping pads used to fix the compressor base are uneven or the bolts are loose, and the compressor base is not firm. It is necessary to adjust and tighten the bolts of the connecting part, and replace the gasket that has lost its elasticity.

5. The accessories must be installed firmly. Freezers and freezer compartments must be firmly installed on fixed locations and sinks so that users can directly use accessories such as refrigerators, layered networks, drawers, etc. Do not place debris on the top of the freezer to prevent resonance from causing noise.

6. Use rubber blocks to suppress pipe vibration. The kitchen reach in freezer is very noisy when it is in use, so the outer contour of the bicycle is cut into a circle with a diameter of 30mm, and a circular hole with a diameter of 5mm is cut out from the middle, and then cut from the outside to the center, and the eraser is pasted into the tube. When the compressor is started, a few rubber blocks can be clamped on the pipe that will produce a sense of vibration by touching the pipe with your hand. A freezer requires 10-20, and the noise will soon be reduced. Because the rubber block can suppress the "resonance" caused by the vibration of the pipe.

7. Spread the four feet of the freezer properly. Put it on a 3-6 cm high cushion, adjust the square balance, and increase the air convection space at the bottom of the box. In this way, the noise of the compressor and other noises below can come out from the bottom of the cabinet, reducing the noise generated on the sides and upper part of the freezer.

8. Insert the sound-absorbing cardboard along the wall nails. Paste sound-absorbing materials such as glass fiber wool on the cardboard, and then paste the cardboard on the wall behind the freezer. The cardboard is 10 cm-20 cm larger than the back of the freezer.

9. The back is at a certain inclination angle to the wall. Tilt the back of the freezer and the wall at a certain angle, and tilt the back and the wall 1-3 degrees. The freezer has a large opening on one side and a small opening on one side to form a horn shape. The big side makes a lot of noise and must face the object. Small areas should be quiet and face the field of human activity.

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