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What should I do if the odor of the convenience store freezer is heavy?

What should I do if the odor of the convenience store freezer is heavy?

Many people will encounter odor problems when they newly purchase and use convenience store freezers. Once they find that the odor is not cleaned up in time, it may be accompanied by time or longer. The editor of Feizeer will take you to learn more about the source and solution of the odor.

1. The newly bought refrigerator has a peculiar smell

This is the most common type. Generally, the time for the refrigerator to reach the consumer through the production line is not very long. The source of the peculiar smell is mainly the residue of the foaming agent during the production process and the smell of the metal residue on the insulation material. The transportation and The use must be carried out in a closed environment, so the taste will accumulate, which is why the taste will be more concentrated when the sealed door of the convenience store freezer is opened. The result is that the newly-purchased freezer should be placed in a ventilated environment with the insulation door open for a period of time, and then start to use the freezer when the smell dissipates or gradually weakens.

2. The freezer in use has a peculiar smell

There are many sources of this kind of odor. The first is the smell of the freezer itself. Environmentally friendly and pollution-free foaming materials and insulation materials are not used, which will cause the freezer to produce odor or deformation after a period of use. This kind of problem is generally due to product quality defects. The manufacturer should be contacted for replacement or return. The second is the smell produced by insulated products. This is the most obvious in fresh preservation. It is recommended to thoroughly clean the holding room after using it for a period of time, which can effectively solve this problem. The third is caused by the lack of effective cleaning of the freezer during use. Many corners or corners of sewage and dirt remain, which will give off an unpleasant smell over time. When cleaning the freezer, you should not just simply clean the outer surface. The door seals, the insulation room, the condenser, etc. should be cleaned regularly. It should be noted that the cleaning of some parts is not very professional, and you should consult the manufacturer first. Follow the instructions after understanding the details.

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