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What should I do to prepare for freezing fish in the freezer?

What should I do to prepare for freezing fish in the freezer?

Freezing fish in the freezer keeps them fresh, and many people do this at home. But in a large-scale commercial fishery, how can they use a freezer to freeze fish? What preparations are needed? Let's expand our knowledge together.

Before freezing fish in a commercial freezer, some special treatment is required. The pre-freezing treatment must be done quickly and properly in a cold and clean environment. The pre-freezing treatment is different for various fish products, especially for processing small frozen packages of aquatic products. Pre-treatment generally includes the following operations: cleaning, sorting, cooling and preserving, quick killing, bleeding, gill removal, descaling, gutting, rinsing, cutting, sorting and grading, weighing, and plating. In the actual cold processing, some marine fish are not subjected to the processes of bloodletting, descaling, gill removal and gutting, but for freshwater fish, these processes are mandatory. Some fish processing, head, gut, tail are to go, collectively known as "three to" or "four to" (plus descaling). Freshwater fish pretreatment to be more rapid and detailed. This is because at the same cooling temperature, the quality of freshwater fish declines faster than marine fish, and the gall bladder of freshwater fish is finer and larger than that of marine fish. The releasing, squeezing, long-term storage and violent struggling of live fish before birth can cause bile to seep out, resulting in gallbladder marks that make the surrounding fish bitter and yellowish-green.


So how do you put untreated fish directly into the freezer? If these fish are frozen, stored and thawed without special treatment, their quality will be significantly reduced. To prevent quality loss, proper pretreatment is required. This pretreatment is called special pretreatment, which mainly includes brine treatment, salt treatment, sugar treatment, dehydration treatment, etc. We should reasonably choose different fish products to improve the quality of frozen fish products under the premise of meeting national food hygiene standards. After a series of processing procedures, raw fish are graded according to the quality of freshness of fish goods and certain commercial specifications, and then weighed. When weighing, attention should be paid to adding the right amount of water, which is 2%-5% of the fish mass. This is because there is dry consumption in the process of freezing and freezing fish products to ensure that the net weight of fish products after thawing meets the specified requirements.

There is a big difference between commercial freezer fish freezing and personal freezer fish freezing. Commercial freezer frozen fish need to meet the public demand and ensure the quality of goods. Personal needs are very small, there is no need to pay attention to too many details.

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