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What should I pay attention to when moving refrigerators and freezers?

What should I pay attention to when moving refrigerators and freezers?

1, before handling, need to cut off the power, take out the refrigerator, freezer all food, with tape fixed freezer shelves, humidor and freezer drawer and other moving parts, close the refrigerator, freezer door, and tape fixed, so as not to move when opened;.

2, transportation, refrigerators, freezers need to be placed upright, at the same time to prevent bump and violent vibration, to prevent rain and water flooding.


3, handling, according to the number of people to choose the handling mode. A person, can carry away; two people, a person to carry the front bottom, a person to the back of the upper; 4 people, each person to carry a corner. However, you can not grab the door handle or apply force on the table and condenser, not to mention dragging on the ground, you should lift the bottom foot. Also note that the body tilt can not exceed 45 degrees, to keep the refrigerator, freezer vertical state, must not be inverted and horizontal, must not be inverted and horizontal, and can not grab the door handle or drag condenser, so as not to cause damage. Because the use of reciprocating compressor refrigerator, freezer in handling tilt angle not too big, if greater than 45 degrees, in the refrigerator back wall inside the bottom, there is a compressor, the bottom of the compressor and the motor shell has some lubricating oil. If in handling refrigerator, freezer upside down to lift or excessive tilt, will make the lubricating oil into the compressor and motor above the refrigeration system, so that the refrigeration system within the cycle of Freon is hindered, affect the normal work of the refrigeration system. Another point, may make the spring in the compressor due to uneven force and deformation, or even cause decoupling, the compressor will lose the original balance and produce abnormal noise and damage to the compressor, the refrigerator can not run normally, so transport or moving refrigerator, freezer must be careful.

4, after transportation: need to put at least 2-3 hours, the best 4-6 hours before you can power, so as to protect the life of the compressor, because the compressor by moving due to cooling tube in the refrigeration liquid shaking, shall wait for the impurities in the refrigeration liquid precipitation before operation, otherwise when the compressor will send out the refrigeration liquid will block the high and low pressure valve, thus causing a decline in refrigeration effect. Half an hour after the power to the refrigerator, freezer put things, so conducive to maintenance! Select the rotary compressor refrigerator, freezer will not occur the above phenomenon, can lie down to carry, tilt upstairs.

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