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What temperature do I need to store shrimp in a cooler?

What temperature do I need to store shrimp in a cooler?

Shrimp is very popular because it is not only high in nutritional value but also a delicious food, so it has a large share in the seafood market. However, many people do not quite understand how shrimp are preserved. The following small series will specify the temperature to which our shrimp need to be refrigerated and how long they can be kept at that temperature.


Depending on the length of storage time, we can choose different types of refrigerators for storage. If the storage time is short, we only need to use a fresh refrigerator from -5 degrees to -5 degrees. If the storage time is longer, you can choose a freezer from minus fifteen degrees to minus twenty degrees. According to the test, it can be stored well for about fourteen months in a minus fifteen to twenty degree refrigerator. Simply put, the lower the temperature, the longer the preservation time. After all, low temperatures not only prolong freshness, but also help maintain the original flavor of the shrimp.

While we can store seafood in the refrigerator for long periods of time, we should be aware of one thing: one of the big differences between our seafood foods and regular foods is that our seafood products contain a lot of salt. When building a refrigerator, we need to choose materials that are resistant to corrosion in order to avoid corrosion of ordinary materials due to the salt stored in the refrigerator for a long time.

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