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Which convenience store beverage cooler is better to use?

Which convenience store beverage cooler is better to use?

The beverage refrigerators used in convenience stores must be cold enough to meet the needs of increasingly "critical" consumers. Especially in the hot summer, the human body is more sensitive to temperature. The temperature of the beverages in the refrigerators must reach the standard for a long time to win consumers' attention. Recognized.

Air-cooled convenience store freezer cools faster

Nowadays, most convenience stores are using air-cooled refrigerated display cabinets. Although the power consumption will increase, the temperature will drop faster. It is more suitable for convenience stores such as convenience stores where the flow of people is large and the need for cold drinks is more concentrated. The air-cooled beverage refrigerator will not always be wet inside like the direct cooling, and the food will not stick to each other. Moreover, the air-cooled freezer will have continuous circulation of cold air, and then filtered by the deodorizing system, the internal odor will be maintained for a long time. 2 The temperature is accurate and the cooling is more uniform. Compared with the direct-cooled refrigerator, the temperature control of the air-cooled refrigerator is more precise. Because the direct cooling beverage freezer is prone to dead spots, after all, the evaporator is attached to the box, so the temperature tested at the temperature control point is compared with the actual temperature inside the refrigerator. The temperature is not very uniform, which will affect the preservation effect of some products. .

The display effect of glass doors is better

The reason why convenience stores use beverage freezers is to enhance the display effect and increase the shopping experience. In addition to the better display effect of the glass door beverage refrigerator, the product display is clear from the outside. The high-transmitting double-layer coating defogging glass door has anti-fogging function, and there is no need to worry about the fogging of the glass door in rainy weather. The trouble caused.

In addition to the above two points, beverage refrigerators in convenience stores need to be energy-saving and have low heat dissipation and noise. The new type of convenience store freezer solves this problem very well. The use of external imported compressors has a more obvious cooling effect, helping you to further enhance the shopping experience.

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