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Which food should not be put in the freezer?

Which food should not be put in the freezer?

I am accustomed to big purchases on weekends and put all the food I bought back in the freezer. In fact, the freezer is not a safe for food. It cannot guarantee that all foods are kept fresh, and some foods should not be put in the freezer.

Tropical fruits are afraid of low temperatures. Among fruits, tropical fruits and subtropical fruits have poor adaptability to low temperature. If stored in a freezer, it will "freeze" the fruit, causing its skin to dent and appear dark brown spots, which will not only lose nutrients, but also easily deteriorate.

Although most fresh melons and fruits can be stored for 1-2 days at 0-4°C. However, bananas should be stored above 12°C and citrus at 2-7°C. Fruits such as grapes and persimmons will not only lose their aroma but also deteriorate their skins under low temperature conditions. Fruits such as strawberries, bayberry, and mulberry are best to be bought and eaten immediately. Entering the freezer not only affects the taste but also tends to mold.


Leafy vegetables are easy to lose water, and tomatoes will go rotten. Leafy vegetables have a large amount of water evaporation, it is best to buy them and eat them. Potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, winter melons, and onions with thick skins can be stored at room temperature. Tomatoes are kept at low temperature, and the whole part or the whole will be soft and rotten, with brown round spots on the surface, and the umami taste will be reduced. Cucumbers and green peppers that have been stored in the freezer for a long time will turn black, soft, and taste, and they will grow hairy or sticky. They are not suitable for long-term storage in the freezer.

Biscuits, candies, honey, pickles, yellow sauce, preserved fruits, dried food, etc. do not need to be put in the freezer.

Chocolate is perishable. In addition, when chocolate is stored in a freezer, hoar frost is prone to appear on the surface, moldy, and lose its original flavor. When the room temperature is too high in summer, it can be sealed with a fresh-keeping bag and then stored in the freezer refrigerator.

Although fish and meat need to be refrigerated or frozen in a freezer, the time should not be too long. If you find that the meat has been frozen yellow, it means that the fat has been oxidized and must be discarded.

In short, you must carefully check the storage requirements on the packaging for the food you buy back. Only by using the freezer reasonably can you eat fresh and healthy food.

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