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Which is better: direct-cooled refrigerator or air-cooled refrigerator?

Which is better: direct-cooled refrigerator or air-cooled refrigerator?

With the continuous development of the modern market, a variety of needs continue to increase, all kinds of products naturally have to continue to progress to meet the needs of people more and more high-end. Freezers are no exception, there are straight and air-cooled two types of refrigeration freezers on the market for you to choose, the following to introduce the difference between straight and air-cooled, hope to help you make the right choice.

1, Size of the space

Air-cooled refrigeration method relative to straight cooling in the temperature balance has a great advantage, if we need to buy more rooms, large volume of the freezer, then air-cooled is more appropriate.

2; Frosting technology 

Air-cooled cooler is able to automate the frost, in contrast, straight cooler requires manual defrosting is very disagreeable, although the general cooler will have their own way to reduce frost, but inevitably will still produce frost layer, and the more times to open the door, we need to defrost the higher the frequency, so if you do not want to often manually defrost the cooler, air-cooled is a better choice.

3, Noise size

Air-cooled freezer is through the fan to send air to refrigeration, so we use the air-cooled freezer will produce more noise than the straight freezer, but if you use reasonable words will not cause much gap, of course, if you especially like quiet then you can give priority to the straight freezer.

4, Energy consumption

Energy saving is the advantage of the straight cold cabinet, under the same conditions air-cooled cooler will consume more electricity than the straight cold cabinet, from this aspect alone, straight cold is a better choice.

In general, air-cooled and direct-cooled freezers have their own advantages, businesses and users can make their own choice according to their actual needs and preferences.

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