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Which refrigerators do I need to run a restaurant?

Which refrigerators do I need to run a restaurant?

The catering industry is the first choice of many entrepreneurial investors. Which refrigerators are needed in the catering industry? This is a concern of many bosses who plan to invest in the catering industry.

Which refrigerators are needed in the general catering industry is related to the business project. Generally, the following types of refrigerators are indispensable in traditional Chinese restaurants. One is a fresh-keeping cabinet for ordering or storage. The temperature of this freezer is generally 2~8 degrees, which is very suitable for the daily needs of vegetables, fruits and meat. Prepare the relevant ingredients before opening and put them in the fresh-keeping cabinet. For use at any time. The display refrigerator is the most common refrigerator in restaurants. It can not only keep fresh, but also has a good display effect, allowing customers to see the ingredients ordered more intuitively. The refrigerated and fresh ingredients can also make customers feel more assured.


The freezer is also an indispensable freezer in restaurants, mainly storing meat and food materials that need to be frozen. During business hours, the meat can be stored in the fresh-keeping cabinet for use at any time, but at the end of the business, these unused meat still need to be stored in the freezer to make it have a longer shelf life. Usually the meat that is open on the day can be thawed in the fresh-keeping cabinet, which is convenient and hygienic, and can reduce the power consumption of the fresh-keeping cabinet.


In addition to these two types of refrigerators, there is another type of refrigerator that is necessary for many restaurants, that is, beer beverage cabinets. Especially in the hot summer, if there is no cold beer and beverages, business will be greatly affected, so beer and beverage cabinets are a must for restaurants. Usually, if the restaurant is not large in scale, a single-door glass-door beverage cooler is sufficient.

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