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Why are Commercial Glass Fridges So Popular? How do They Work?

Why are Commercial Glass Fridges So Popular? How do They Work?

Nowadays, commercial glass fridges can be found in supermarkets, convenience stores, and other places, but how does a commercial glass fridge work?


The working principle and functions of commercial glass fridges are similar to other fridges, only the design is more in line with the practical needs. Inside commercial glass fridges are equipped with refrigeration compressors that can cool the air when energized and then expel the air by fan motion. However, since the cooling requires a lot of energy, there are cooling devices at the back or bottom of the fridges to help maintain the temperature of the system. 


Some people will have doubts about why the fridge does not frost. It is because most of the water vapor comes from the air, when people open the fridge to take food, the indoor air, and the gas in the refrigerator freely exchange, and the indoor wet air quietly enters the fridge. 


There is a special defrosting device installed inside the fridge, and the glass door is also specially processed to prevent condensation and frost. The so-called defrosting device is some heating coils set on the surface of the fridge, which can regularly emit a certain amount of heat to thaw the frost on the surface. The heat is strictly set up, so it can only melt some frost and will not affect the items stored inside, which means that even during the heating phase, items stored in the fridge can be kept at a constant temperature. 


There is also a temperature sensor in a commercial grade fridge. Once the system finds the temperature of the fridge is almost higher than the set temperature, it will begin refrigeration. The system will not allow the temperature to exceed the set temperature to achieve the purpose of constant temperature, so the items can be better preserved and will not go bad under the influence of temperature.


Commercial reach in fridge has also made more improvements in ergonomics, so that consumers can take goods, open and close the door conveniently without external hindrance, thus achieving a more energy-saving effect. The fashionable and grand appearance of the fridge makes people's eyes brightened at the sight of it.  

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