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Why are the drinks in the display refrigerator not cold enough?

Why are the drinks in the display refrigerator not cold enough?

Stores often encounter customers complaining that the beverage is not cold enough during the use of the refrigerator. There are many reasons why the beverage is not cold enough. Here are a few common reasons for everyone.



1. The temperature setting is too high

The working principle of the refrigerated cabinet is that after the user sets a certain temperature, the compressor of the refrigerated cabinet starts to work, and when it reaches the temperature specified by the user, it will stop and enter the standby state. Please note that it will stand by after reaching the specified temperature. Therefore, when the user equipment system is too high, the actual temperature in the refrigerator will be higher, and there is no way to work to a low temperature. The temperature of the beverage taken by the customer is also relatively high. .

Solution: Follow the instructions of the manual to carry out the correct temperature equipment. Generally, the temperature of the beverage display cabinet can be set between 2 and 6 degrees. The temperature can be appropriately increased in the autumn and winter seasons according to the needs.


2. The glass door is frequently opened or not closed tightly

Frequent opening of the glass door of the refrigerator will cause the sensor probe of the thermostat to recognize the room temperature, which will cause the compressor to work frequently and increase the load. Frequent opening of the cabinet door will also increase the workload of the compressor. If the heat dissipation and power cannot keep up with each other, it will cause the temperature to fail to drop. It is also common for the glass door to not be closed tightly. The cooling capacity of the fan cannot meet the cooling demand due to the leakage of air-conditioning. In addition, the glass door needs to be opened frequently, and the temperature cannot be lowered.

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