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Why buy a stainless steel freezer?

Why buy a stainless steel freezer?

Stainless steel refrigerator is a kind of refrigerator. The difference between it and ordinary refrigerator is reflected in the following aspects:

1. In terms of usage. Stainless steel refrigerators have a wide range of applications and are suitable for use in a variety of environments; the main application direction is hotel kitchens, also known as kitchen refrigerators. Ordinary refrigerators are mainly commercial, such as ice cream cabinets in stores. Ordinary refrigerators are also used in homes and small catering establishments.

2. Different materials. The difference in materials is the main difference between the two, and because of the different materials, the two have different uses, prices, and maintenance. The stainless steel commercial fridge is made of stainless steel, which is strong and durable, and the surface is clean and smooth. Ordinary refrigerators are made of synthetic compressed materials, and their sturdiness is not as good as the former.

3. The price is different. Stainless steel refrigerators are expensive, and large-capacity refrigerators are more expensive. The price of ordinary freezer is lower.

4. The volume is different. The stainless steel refrigerator has a large volume, a large capacity, and is not easy to move. Ordinary refrigerators are small in size and generally horizontal.


Relatively speaking, stainless steel refrigerators have these advantages:

1. The kitchen refrigerator has a built-in plate evaporator, which has high heat exchange efficiency.

2. Using famous brand compressor, stable performance and good refrigeration effect.

3. Polyamide refers to high-pressure foaming, the box is more stable, and the heat preservation performance is better.

4. The microcomputer temperature display of the kitchen refrigerator is easy to control, and the refrigerator is equipped with locks, which is safe and convenient. The surface spraying adopts antibacterial agent coatings, which can effectively control the reproduction of various bacteria.

5. The kitchen refrigerator adopts high temperature curing powder spraying, which has good corrosion resistance and impact resistance.

6. The application of high-efficiency evaporator and back-blowing technology to achieve product energy saving, the refrigeration system adopts a microcomputer controller, with good performance and material data transmission interface.

7. Use high-efficiency, low-noise compressors, energy-saving and electricity-saving imported insulation materials.

8. Using tempered heat-reflective glass to keep the temperature in the cabinet more effective and achieve the effect of energy saving and electricity saving.

9.The materials and spare parts selected for kitchen refrigerators are all from domestic professional manufacturers to ensure product quality.

10. Freezing and cold storage can be switched freely, and the dual-use machine is more economical and more affordable.

11. The middle insulation layer of the kitchen refrigerator is made of polyurethane integral foam, which effectively isolates the temperature of the external space, and saves energy and electricity.

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