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Why buy an air-cooled refrigerator?

Why buy an air-cooled refrigerator?

Refrigerators are what people use to store food. With the development of science and technology, refrigerators are constantly being developed and updated. From the old-fashioned refrigerators to the direct cooling refrigerators and air-cooled refrigerators, the frost-free refrigerators we often say now actually refer to what we are talking about here. The air-cooled refrigerator arrived, so, is the air-cooled frost-free refrigerator good?

Air-cooled refrigerators use the method of lowering the temperature to reduce the temperature of the refrigerator. It is also called a frost-free refrigerator. The fan blows air into the condenser to produce frost like cold. The inside of the box is clean and tidy, the air inside is fresh, and the food will not stick together. In addition, the air-cooled refrigerator has better technology, which can more accurately control the temperature, and all the spaces in the box can maintain a uniform temperature.


The advantage of the air-cooled refrigerator is that it is frost-free. The air-cooled refrigerator will not always be wet inside like a direct-cooled refrigerator, and the food will not stick to each other unclearly. In addition, the air-cooled refrigerator will have continuous circulation of cold air, and then filtered by the deodorizing system, the internal odor will remain fresh for a long time. There will be no more pungent odors. In addition, because the air-cooled refrigerator can automatically defrost, it can be said to reduce the burden of manual defrosting. After all, defrosting the refrigerator is a hard work. Friends who have experienced it must resonate. The air-cooled refrigerator solves this well. problem.

In fact, air-cooled refrigerators are not frost-free, but frost condenses on the top of the evaporator. Because it is inside the refrigerator, we cannot see it directly when we open the refrigerator door, so it is vividly called frost-free. For this part of frost, At present, the mainstream technology is to remove by heat evaporation, that is, when the refrigerator works-after a period of time, the refrigerator stops cooling, starts the defrost heating system, the condensed frost will become water after being heated, and then it will be discharged through the duct. This work is the refrigerator automatically Completed, no manual processing by the user is required.

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