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Why can't I stop using the freezer in winter?

Why can't I stop using the freezer in winter?

As the winter temperature is relatively low, some customers want to stop using the freezer, think there is no big problem, Sui Ling appliances here to remind everyone: try not to stop using the freezer in winter!

From a health point of view, although the winter temperature is relatively low, but not stable enough, the preservation effect is still not as good as the freezer. Moreover, the winter freezer power consumption is only 1/3 of the summer, to save this electricity and lead to a big failure of the freezer, will not be worth the loss. However, there are still some businesses insist on stop using the freezer in winter, so what need to pay attention to things?

1, first of all, for safety's sake, you can first unplug the cabinet power, and then the things in the cooler are taken out. Open the cabinet door and wait for the melting of the frost. Defrosting attention please do not sharps, evaporator is made of aluminum easy to nick leak. In a clean rag to the electric freezer from inside to outside wipe clean. Must not have water.

2, the thermostat adjustment placed in the "0", so that the thermostat inside the elasticity of the natural state, to extend its service life.

3, you can move the cooler parallel to the vertical, do not tilt. If the conditions can find a ventilated dry place, avoid direct sunlight.

4, in order to let the freezer maintenance better, in the winter when you can not use it once a month to power, so that the compressor normal operation half an hour to an hour after the shutdown, so that the compressor preheat.

Therefore, even if it is cold winter also try not to rashly stop using the freezer, if indeed to stop using, stop using before you must do a good job of cleaning and maintenance work, so that the next good use.

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