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Why can't the convenience store freezer be powered off at will?

Why can't the convenience store freezer be powered off at will?

Many businesses have the habit of unplugging the power supply in the shop when there is no business at night, but some electrical appliances can be unplugged, but some electrical appliances are not suitable! Especially in convenience store freezers, frequent plugging and unplugging can cause great damage to the compressor of the convenience store freezers. The reason why the freezer of convenience store cannot be plugged and unplugged at will. Friends who use convenience store freezers may wish to find out.

1. The convenience store freezer is in normal use, and the temperature in the convenience store freezer reaches a certain value, and the thermostat automatically cuts off the power. At this time, the pressure of the refrigerant is already very low, which is relatively small compared to the load compressor of the motor. , The motor is easy to start normally.

2. If the freezer is forcibly cut off the power supply, and the power supply is turned on immediately when the refrigerant has a fairly high pressure, the high pressure causes the motor load to be too large, and the starting current is 20-30 times the normal value, so it is easy to be caused by the current The motor burns out because of the large size.

3. Therefore, the convenience store freezer should not be plugged or unplugged at will. When it is necessary to cut off the power, it should also pass 3 minutes later (wait until the high and low pressure of the refrigeration system reaches equilibrium), and then reconnect the power supply.

Here is a reminder that the user should correctly plug in and out the power supply of the convenience store freezer to ensure that the convenience store freezer works normally while also ensuring the normal service life of the convenience store freezer.

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