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Why choose a quality refrigerated display cabinet?

Why choose a quality refrigerated display cabinet?

1. Quality refrigerated display cabinet long service life.

Low-priced display cabinets using poor quality materials, there is no overall steel frame splicing, so the display cabinet once moved many times will become unsound, the door frame will fall off in a few years and difficult to repair. The compressor, condenser and other internal accessories are also indiscriminate, resulting in poor refrigeration display cabinet refrigeration performance, high power consumption, short life, but also greater damage to business interests.

2. Quality refrigerated display cabinet performance is good.

Poor quality low-cost refrigerated display cabinet performance is poor, specifically in three areas: 1, refrigeration power is small, such as low-cost four-door supermarket display cabinet compressor for 1/3 or 3/8HP, and conventional four-door supermarket display cabinet matching 1/2HP compressor, its unit power is relatively small 30% to 40%. 2, high refrigeration temperature, low-cost supermarket display cabinet temperature sign confusion, the marked temperature can not reflect Cold cabinet work actual temperature, to the need for a constant temperature environment of food preservation brings security risks. 3, slow refrigeration speed, low cost supermarket display cabinet compressor power is small, its system all the equipment features are also reduced, that is, the refrigerant is small, the refrigeration speed is also slow.

3. High-quality refrigerated display cabinets using too small expenditure.

Poor quality low-cost refrigerated display cabinets in the purchase although save a little money, but because of its poor quality, in the long-term use of the process will be a variety of small and large failures, repair costs will be able to exceed the purchase of the savings. And its greater power consumption generated by the electricity bill is a significant number, its power consumption is due to its use of poor quality materials resulting in poor refrigeration performance, the greater the energy consumption power consumption is also more.

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