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Why do Commercial Glass-door Refrigerators Fog?

Why do Commercial Glass-door Refrigerators Fog?

It is normal that water fog exists outside the glass. This is mainly caused by the high temperature and high humidity indoor. The temperature difference between the indoor temperature and the surface temperature of the commercial glass-door refrigerator is too large, which causes the air with high indoor temperature to condense into water fog when it meets the commercial glass-door refrigerator with a lower temperature.

The water fog in the commercial grade freezer is formed by the condensed water vapor in the air. When the refrigerator is in places with high temperature and high humidity, due to the lower surface temperature of the commercial glass-door refrigerator, water fog will appear on the glass door when it meets with the moisture vapor in the air. Water fog will not only influence the mood of customers when choosing and buying goods, but also affect the display effect of goods, so how can we solve this phenomenon?

There are mainly the following methods to deal with the water fog of commercial grade freezer:

1) If the temperature requirement of the food that is stored is not very high, the temperature in the refrigerator can be appropriately adjusted;

2) Directly use a dry cloth or dry towel with soapy water or detergent to wipe the water fog on the glass surface. At the same time, try to reduce the number of times to open the door and pay attention to ventilation;

3) Spray the glass surface with a defogging agent;

4) Indoor air conditioning can be turned on to lower the indoor temperature and reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside the commercial reach in fridge;

5) Spotlights in the store can shine directly on the glass door.

There are mainly the defogging technologies for general commercial grade freezer:

1) Heater strip, which is a thread as thin as hair;

2) The heating film, which refers to a heating film between two layers of glass;

3) Hot-blast air defogging technology, which can use the heat generated by the condenser to surround the glass.

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