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Why do French fries need to be frozen in the freezer?

Why do French fries need to be frozen in the freezer?

Although French fries are fried food, we still like to eat it. For children, French fries are an indispensable part of many snacks. Fragrant and crispy French fries are foods that we cannot refuse, so do you know which process is added in the production process to make French fries more delicious?

The reason why French fries are frozen is because our potatoes will automatically absorb the water vapor contained in the air after being cut into strips. When we use potato chips containing water vapor in a frying pan, it will not It is crispy but soft and tastes like cooked potato chips. If you store the cut potato chips in our kitchen reach in freezer for 1 hour, remember that the storage time should not be too short. After all, we put potato chips. The main purpose of putting it in the freezer is to make the fried potato chips become fragrant, crispy and more delicious.



There is a physical change. When the water vapor encounters low temperature, it will liquefy into water. This is the physical phenomenon that we put the cut potato chips in the freezer. This principle is used to make the water vapor liquefy into water. Through the working principle of the freezer, a low and dry environment is created. After this process, the fried French fries will be fragrant and crisp, and can be stored for a longer time.

Reminder: Don’t be surprised if you want to fry crispy and fragrant French fries that need to be put in the freezer. After all, our freezer has many uses, not only in the food industry, but also in the medical industry. Status, and it is also an indispensable part of the industrial industry.

The above content is about using the low temperature of the freezer when French fries are used to make the fried fries have a fragrant and crisp effect. If you have any questions or puzzles, please feel free to call us for consultation. Thank you for your patience!

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