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Why does the freezer frost?

Why does the freezer frost?

Freezers are commonly used appliances in our lives, freezers used for a long time will be found inside a thick layer of ice! Why is there frost inside the freezer? How to prevent the freezer frost? Here we will take a look at the reasons for the freezer frost.


Freezer temperature adjustment too low

The internal temperature of the freezer can be adjusted through the freezer thermostat, when the freezer internal temperature adjustment is too low, the freezer will appear frost phenomenon. In general, the freezer freezer temperature is set at 4 ℃ -8 ℃ best.

If the thermostat of the freezer is mechanical, it should be adjusted according to the different seasons to the temperature adjustment, the summer freezer can be adjusted to 1-2 files, the spring and autumn season to adjust to 3 files, while the winter adjustment to 4-5 files.


Cold cabinet door seal is not tight or frequently open

Cold cabinet door seal is not strict or frequent opening will easily lead to the cold cabinet in the serious loss of cold air, which will lead to the cold cabinet compressor frequently to start.

When the cold cabinet compressor frequent start will easily lead to the cold cabinet in the frost can not be melted in time, the cold cabinet frost will be more and more serious.

Cold cabinet door seal is not strict, resulting in cold cabinet frost serious, should promptly repair or replace the cold cabinet door seal, while trying to reduce the number of times to open the cold cabinet door.

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