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Why is it not cold in the freezer?

Why is it not cold in the freezer?

1. The ambient temperature is too high

Be careful when buying a freezer. The climate example of the freezer is very important. If the summer temperature is high, it is best to use a freezer that can adapt to high temperature conditions. If the temperature is high, the heat load in the freezer will increase, and the time required to start the machine will be longer, so even if the door is lowered, the door should be opened.

2. The temperature is too low

When the thermostat is adjusted to this state, since the temperature is not normal, the machine temperature freezer processing is no longer adjusted as usual, but the summer thermostat is used to adjust the temperature inside the freezer. Too low to form a freezer. If you think the temperature in the freezer is too low, turn the thermostat counterclockwise or lower the temperature.

3. Refrigerator

When the processing machine controls the temperature of the freezer, especially at high temperatures, it can be seen that the wall surface of the refrigerating compartment is frosted and the frost layer is thicker, thus forming a continuous freezer. The main reason for this is that the temperature control of the thermostat is too low and the food in the box is not stored properly, which causes the freezer door to open too much, resulting in poor insulation of the freezer door. The basic elements of the treatment are to first stop the freezer compartment, thaw the walls of the freezer compartment, adjust the state of the thermostat and check the door seal.

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