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Why is the refrigerated display fridge not refrigerated?

Why is the refrigerated display fridge not refrigerated?

With the development of the refrigeration industry, refrigerated display cabinet products no matter what brand in the use of time after a long time will appear this or that kind of problem. In order to avoid refrigeration display cabinet does not know the reason for the situation, in the daily use of constant attention and understanding of these small knowledge, do a good job when encountering unexpected situations can be specifically analyzed.

As the refrigerated display cabinet thermostat does not work will also cause the equipment does not stop, but this situation is not in the various ambient temperatures have, not only in the high temperature environment will appear. Just in the high-temperature environment, the probability of this condition will be greater. The main reason is the general mechanical temperature control components. Or temperature-sensitive parts can not feel the temperature when the refrigerated display cabinet control circuit board failure.

The highest ambient temperature of the refrigerated display cabinet is 53 degrees, such as the temperature is too high is easy to appear not to work, mainly because the refrigerated display cabinet refrigeration capacity is limited. General refrigerated display cabinet a meter with 1P compressor. For mechanical temperature control refrigerated display cabinet, especially in high-temperature environment, you can see the wall of the refrigerated room frost, and the frost layer is usually thicker, causing the refrigerated display cabinet does not stop.

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