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Why is the workbench refrigerator not cooling?

Why is the workbench refrigerator not cooling?

1. First of all: the refrigerator thermostat is installed in the refrigerating room, and the refrigerating room does not reach the required temperature of the thermostat so it does not stop. If the compressor is not shut down day and night, the freezer compartment may cause the extreme cooling temperature of the refrigerant. This phenomenon mostly occurs in air-cooled refrigerators. The reason is that the evaporator frosting device of the refrigerator compartment is broken, which has caused an ice block. It cannot be ruled out that the air-cooled fan is broken, and the air outlet is blocked by too many items in the refrigerator, causing poor cooling effect.

2. Secondly: The temperature of the freezer compartment of the direct cooling refrigerator is automatically adjusted with the temperature of the freezer compartment. You can lower the temperature of the freezer compartment. Generally, the temperature of the refrigerator compartment is 4-10 degrees Celsius is normal. Note that the larger the number of the temperature controller, the lower the temperature, the larger the number in summer, and the smaller the number in winter. In addition, the refrigerator door is frequently opened, and there are many items in the refrigerator, which causes the refrigerator to be uncooled or the cooling effect is not ideal.

3. The reason why the refrigerator is not cooling may also be a problem with the refrigerator compressor. The compressor can be started. When you remove the air return pipe and block the outlet with your fingers, check the pressure. If it is too low, then the compressor has a problem and the compressor cannot start. Check whether the refrigerator is plugged in properly.

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