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Why is there water in commercial refrigeratior, freezers, and display cabinets?

Why is there water in commercial refrigeratior, freezers, and display cabinets?

1. [Water on glass]

First of all, everyone needs to realize that the freezer cannot produce water. All of us water vapor in the air condenses into small water droplets when it is cold. This is how the water on the glass you mentioned comes from. The temperature of the freezer glass is lower than the air temperature, and the water vapor of the air condenses and forms small water droplets attached to the glass. This phenomenon will be more obvious in an environment with relatively high air humidity or climate. Speaking of this, many people will ask: Why do I see that there is no water on the glass of some display cases.

Possibility 1. The shopkeeper wipes more diligently,

Possibility 2. His display cabinet has no refrigeration function.

Of course, after excluding these factors, there is a more reliable answer. It is that some better display freezers, such as cake display cabinets, attach a conductive film to the glass to achieve a non-fogging display effect by heating the glass. However, most of the freezer glass on the market uses hollow glass. So the water on the glass door of the freezer is normal.


2. [Water on the ground]

Many people said that the freezer they bought would leak, so why?

There are two situations. The first situation is that there is usually a drain at the bottom of a commercial freezer. This drain, as the name suggests, is a port that drains the water inside the freezer. If you do not connect the drain pipe, the water is discharged directly to the ground. So the freezer miraculously leaked. If your freezer does not drain a lot, you can place a drain pan under the drain.

Another situation is dripping from the capillary next to the compressor. Since the compressors of commercial freezers are generally exposed, the temperature of the refrigeration pipe is very low, and the water here is the water droplets formed by condensation of water vapor in the air. This is also nothing to worry about, and it is not a problem with the freezer.

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