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Why is there water in the large refrigerator?

Why is there water in the large refrigerator?

Large-scale refrigerators are generally used in large supermarkets. We know that household refrigerators sometimes have water accumulation. The phenomenon of water accumulation in large-scale refrigerators may have a greater impact on the effect of use, then you know that large-scale refrigerators Why does water accumulation occur?

The reasons for the presence of water in large refrigerators are as follows:

1. There is too much frost on the evaporator. When the water melts, the water overflows the drip tray and flows into the refrigerator.

2. The water pan in the refrigerator is not aligned with the water funnel, causing water flow in the refrigerator.

3. Icing on the drain pipe prevents the defrosting water from flowing out, but accumulating in the refrigerator.

4. Cold drinks or other beverage containers are poured back in the refrigerator, or the cap of the beverage bottle is not tightened, and the cap is placed horizontally on the food rack, causing the beverage to flow out.

5. Usually the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, or the sealing strip is damaged, it is the hot air from the outside that continuously flows in and condenses into water.

6. There are too many warm foods stored in the refrigerator, such as hot drinks, hot tofu, mung bean soup, etc., causing a lot of mist and water droplets to form in the refrigerator instantly. As the temperature drops, they condense into water.

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