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Why Stainless Steel Fridge is So Popular with Hotel Restaurants?

Why Stainless Steel Fridge is So Popular with Hotel Restaurants?

There is always a tall stainless steel fridge when going to the hotel. And we will introduce why hotels and restaurants like to put a stainless steel commercial fridge.

Advantages of Stainless Steel Commercial Fridge

1. Stainless steel fridge is multifunctional, designed with multiple temperature and cabinets

It's convenient to store all kinds of food. Vegetables can keep fresh, frozen dumplings and meat can be placed in the ultra-low temperature freezer, and purchased fresh meat, raw noodles, meatballs can be temporarily stored in the freezer. It fits families and kitchens of all kinds of restaurants and hotels.

2. Energy efficiency and insulation

The whole is in high pressure and equipped with a thickened foaming cabinet body, thickened cabinet door, and sealed door bar. It has a superheat preservation effect, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

3. Convenient and practical

The automatic retractable door is convenient and practical. The design of the filleted corner of the Yunbing freezer is to prevent scuff. Adjustable shelf raises space utilization, 360-degree adjustable four-way wheels easy to move, microcomputer temperature controller precision cooling and cooling circulation system have even temperature.

4. Stainless steel fridge's super refrigeration can ensure the temperature range of -10℃~-18℃, which is suitable for cold storage. The imported compressor has a stable and reliable performance. A wide climate belt makes no worries for the whole year.

5. Tidy and hygienic

High-grade safe stainless steel, food-grade safe inner tank and layer frame, easy to clean and anti-dust.

6. High-end appearance

BESTTOP stainless steel commercial fridge has exquisite design, classic and generous appearance, which can be used for both home and hotel as well as restaurant cuisine.

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