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Why the freezer can not be frequently plugged?

Why the freezer can not be frequently plugged?

In the non-daily use, sometimes various application scenarios of the freezer need to be closed, such as a long time not used or will be transported.

Generally speaking, this time we will unplug the power supply, but this is suitable for other power supply, if it is frequent plugging and unplugging, for some large appliances, especially the freezer is not very suitable, why the freezer can not be frequently plugged and unplugged? May wish to understand.


Cold cabinet in ordinary use, in low temperature, to reach the set temperature, and constant for a period of time, the thermostat will automatically cut off its power. At this time, the refrigerant pressure is low, the compressor and motor load is not high, it is easy to start again. If the power supply is suddenly cut off, the refrigerant pressure rises, at this time if there is a restart to connect the power supply, the sudden current is easy to let the load of the motor to increase, thus leading to its burn.

Therefore, this situation, the cooler should not be easy to frequently plug and unplug the power plug, must be disconnected, should also stand for a period of time after the cooler again open, reconnected to the power. And this time should not be less than three minutes.

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